Nature Shield Antitranspirant, 1 Gallon

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Nature Shield Antitranspirant, 1 Gallon

Nature Shield, 1 Gallon

Price is for 1 Gallon Jug Nature Shield is the next generation of protection among anti-transpirants. Helps protect your plants from Water Stress, Heat Stress, Cold Stress, Propogation. By forming a protective shield on the plants surfaces, Nature Shield protects your plants from the natural stresses of cold weather, hot weather, excessive evaporation, digging and transplanting and much more. Nature Shield reduces water loss due to transpiration and thus protects plants from harm during the conditions listed above. Nature Shield is easy to use, mixes well and does not settle out of mixes when in a spray tank. It is safe to plant stems, roots and foliage and when applied appears white in color and dries clear, letting you know exactly what plants have been protected while spraying without altering appearance of the plant. 

This is a CONCENTRATE!  1 gallon makes 20 gallons of mix!

For important Directions for Use and MSDS info, please visit the Nature Shield website