Custom Print

 GNSI offers Custom Thermal Printing of Stake Tags and Wrap Tags. A variety of tag sizes and colors and inexpensive setup and printing charges make this a great value for small to medium growers who don't want to own their own printer but want to add a professional touch to the plants they sell. Large growers who own a printer may still find it a good value to contract out some of their printing.

Order blank tags from the selection below in multiples of 1000 and then download the Order Form, fill it out and email it to 

Printing Costs are included in the "printed tag" cost. We charge a $1.00 separation fee for all individual print runs of less than 1,000. To include this in your order, add "Custom Printing Separation Fee" to your cart with the appropriate quantity.  Without this, smaller runs of tags will be run onto one large roll of 1-2000 tags for separation by the customer.

Form to use and email:
Custom Order Form : requires Microsoft Excel - fill out, save and email to ""

Google Sheets Form : requires a Google/gmail account - make a copy, fill out, share with ""