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MiniDos 12 1%

The Dosmatic MiniDos low-mid flow, fluid (water)-driven proportional injectors offer a low cost alternative to traditional, non-electric technology. These injectors are compact and offer the widest range of injection ratios.Unlike traditional electric pumps, the MiniDos injectors eliminate the need for electricity and can operate in remote areas. They are easy to install and maintain; making them ideal for low-mid-flow injection applications.


Flow Rate .03 - 12 gpm
Injection Range .2-1%, 1:500 - 1:100
Operating Pressure 6 - 140 psi

The MiniDos Injector Series can be used for:

  • Food processing treatments where disinfecting and surface cleaning are needed, such as bottle line cleaning, deodorizing seafood ice displays, ice making sanitation.
  • Circuit Board manufacturing, used in developing, acid cleaning, plus soluble and die-casting processes.
  • Horticulture treatments, to dispense fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, acids and disinfectants.
  • Metal processing and parts wash, to dispense coolants, oils, solvents, cutting fluids, soaps.
  • Printing treatments, used in pressroom solutions, flexo cleaning and reverse osmosis/water hardening.
  • Sanitation & hygiene treatments for clean water treatment, solid and wastewater treatment, biosanitation, slaughter plants, swine and poultry houses, and the stabilization of coal dust within mining operations
  • Specialty applications, such as asphalt treatment, water jet cleaning, concrete treatment, and timber treatment.
  • Pest control treatments, to provide accurate chemical dispensing with minimal waste in applications like pesticides, misting systems, panel systems termiticides, spray trucks and vector control.
  • Vehicle wash treatments, for the accurate dispensing of soaps, polishes, drying agents, and triple foam.
  • Water treatment applications that inject chemicals into residential and industrial water supplies.