10' x 1/2" Ultrastake (Qty : 20)

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10' x 1/2" Ultrastake (Qty : 20)

10' x 1/2", Qty 20

Reduced tree defects: Keeps your stock growing straight.
No staking drawbacks: Flexibility encourages larger caliper, robust roots and stronger stock.
Longevity: UV inhibitors, flex glass fibers, and our exclusive polyester "Diamond Veil" prevent fiberglass breakage and slivering better than any other stake.
Durability: Will not rust, split, freeze, rot, or peel like paint.
Pointed ends for easy insertion at no extra cost.
Economical: With fewer defects and no need to replace every year return on investment in as little as one year.
20 Year Warranty: Ultrastake warrants that our stake will not: Bloom, crack, flake, peel, corrode, or break under normal use as tree stakes for twenty years from the date of purchase.