Cart for SuperDos Injector

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Cart for SuperDos Injector
Cart for SuperDos Injector

You can always count on changewhether it__________________________s a shift in the weather, location, or your requirements. Our Systems offer a superior rugged technologyjust like our MiniDos and SuperDos injectorsso you get maximum durability along with the utmost usability

Dosmatic TwistIIClean Filters are included with each system, so you get our 5 second patented filter cleaning. There__________________________s no messand no disassembly.

Also included are the barrel with a graduated decal for accurate measuring, and all necessary hardware and hosing. The injector is sold separately. Hoses connect at axle level on the Mobile Systems, to make them exceptionally stablewhile helping to prevent a costly tip-over. Our Mobile Systems have narrow frames with a 17 wheelbase, for easy access to crowded areas. You can go where you need to be.