Kool-Ray Classic Shade, 1 Gallon

Kool-Ray Classic Shade, 1 Gallon
Item# 19CON-KRCLW1

Product Description


Price is for 1 Gal Pail

Relief from the heat! There is no better way to lower greenhouse temperatures during the heat of the day than with KOOL RAY CLASSIC LIQUID SHADE. Its highly reflective formula works to divert the heat BEFORE it enters the greenhouse. The result is a greenhouse that is easier to cool and a less stressful growing environment.


Applications Guidelines KOOL RAY CLASSIC is specifically designed to lower inside greenhouse temperatures during the warmer spring and summer growing seasons. During the course of the year, CLASSIC's environmentally friendly ingredients will slowly wear off (weather permitting) allowing for increased light levels as the daylight decreases. CLASSIC works best when spray applied.

Dilution Ratios KOOL RAY is a super concentrated formula designed to be diluted with water. Standard dilution rate is 1 part KOOL RAY to 8 parts water. Ratios can be adjusted according to the grower's particular needs. For a denser shade, several lighter, more diluted coats are recommended over a single, less diluted, heavy coat. A heavy coat can tend to cause "mud cracking" which can lead to eventual flaking and less even wear.

Coverage Coverage will vary according to application, applicator, and dilution ratio. Spray will normally provide the best coverage of approximately 175 sq. ft. per gal. after dilution.

Example: a standard 1:8 dilution of 1 gallon of KOOL RAY CLASSIC to 8 gallons of water yields 9 gallons of shade. A denser shade at a 1:5 ratio (1 gallon CLASSIC to 5 gallons of water) yields 6 gallons. Multiply the diluted amount by 175 to determine coverage.

1:8 = 9 gallons x 175 = 1575 square feet. 1:5 = 6 gallons x 175 = 1050 square feet.

And if you desire a longer wear and better adhesion of the Kool Ray, just add XTRA STICK ADHESIVE BINDER.