21-5-6 APEX Super Iron Topdress

Item# 14AP-2156

Product Description

Price per 50# Bag
Use APEX 21-5-6 SUPER IRON TOPDRESS as a high quality, professional controlled release fertilizer for top dressing, broadcast or incorporation application of trees and shrubs.

  • Use as a year-round top dress fertilizer
  • Use in the fall to hold foliage and winter color
  • High iron produces dark green foliage to hold fall and winter color for early spring sales
    Soil / Media Temperature Release Rates
    Tech Sheet
  • 50F 10.0C 6-7 Months
  • 60F 15.5C 5-6 Months
  • 70F 21.0C 4-5 Months
  • 80F 26.5C 3-4 Months