Dramm 22625: Syphonject Siphon Mixer (Plastic)

Dramm 22625: Syphonject Siphon Mixer (Plastic)

Product Description

DRAMM Syphonject Siphon Mixer (plastic)

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Note: This item is plastic, not brass as shown in the picture.

Operation: Connect Syphonject directly to outdoor faucet or other male hose connect that can supply average water pressure and flow. Hose-end pressure will decrease when using a Syphonject. Place the filter end of the clear suction hose (included) into the mixing pail. Use only with water soluble fertilizer. Do not use with pesticides, herbicides or poisons. Of course, never drink from a hose that has been used with chemicals.

Mixing: Syphonject injects solution at a 20:1 ratio. This means that for each gallon of concentrate in the mixing pail, 20 gallons of water will flow out the hose end. Make your concentrate 20 times stronger than the application requires.