Greenhouse Potting Mix, 2 Yd Bulk Bag

Greenhouse Potting Mix, 2 Yd Bulk Bag
Item# 04PH-GHMIX15

Product Description


Price is for 2 Cu Yd Bulk Bag

A proprietary blend of fine textured premium ingredients including Grower Grade Peat Moss, Fine Aged Fir Bark, Propagation Grade Perlite, Screened Pumice, Soil Conditioner for increased rooting and nutrient retention, Actino-Iron Biofungicide, Starter Fertilizer, Lime and Wetting Agent. With a pH range of 5.5 to 6.3, this is an excellent mix for a wide range of greenhouse crops, from 2 up to One Gallon and beyond in the greenhouse. Growing a superior crop of seasonal color has just been made a little bit easier. Not recommended for sticking cuttings or sowing seeds, due to the nutrient levels in the mix. Start your normal liquid feed program on the second or third watering.